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Equal Opportunity Employer

The Halikos Group is committed to achieving equal opportunity in the workplace and providing a workplace environment free from harassment and discrimination.

All employees are entitled to a workplace free from embarrassment, discomfort, intimidation or humiliation arising from sexual or other forms of harassment including general bullying behaviour.

The Halikos Group will ensure consistency in the treatment of all staff and subcontractors by:

  • Treating all people in a manner that provides equal opportunity and prevents sexual, racial vilification, disability, workplace bullying and victimisation
  • Implement appropriate controls to resolve complaints or conflicts in the workplace including counseling or behavioral assistance
  • Meeting all legal and moral obligations and implement corporate values into the workplace
  • Providing employees with information to improve awareness and knowledge of their obligations
  • Positively encouraging and supporting our workforce
  • Enhancing employee skills and industry competencies
  • Where appropriate, provide professional career development

The Halikos Group expect all their management and staff to act with integrity when it comes to dealings with clients or each other.