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Halikos Construction prides itself on continually pushing the boundaries in design, deliverability and quality. We are committed to driving innovation and applying best practice industry standards and have developed and implemented state-of -the-art control systems which provide meticulously planned, fully integrated and sustainable solutions. These Building Management Systems control aspects such as air-conditioning, lighting, security and access, ceiling fans, metering, electrical, hot and cold water systems, external and car park lighting as well as alarm systems. The systems are devised to optimise energy efficiency and reduce lifecycle costs.

Understanding the Territory’s unique climate and geological challenges is essential to minimising the disruption and down time often caused by the heavy rains of the monsoon period. The experienced Halikos Construction team has developed innovative and proven methos of working through the wet season conditions to ensure that projects remain on time and on budget. We understand the importance of working with the natural topography and native vegetation in the Territory and are always respectful of the rights of Indigenous peoples, their culture and their sacred sites.

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