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Roofing - Henbury School

Henbury School

The Halikos Group is pleased to announce our successful award of the tender to build the New Henbury School.

Halikos Construction, our building arm, has an impeccable and unmatched track record of delivering the highest quality work, ahead of time and within budget, for Territory school communities. Our construction of Darwin Middle School and the Rosebery School received rave reviews. Both projects exceeded all expectations and won NT and National design and construction awards.

“We intend to devote the same effort and dedication, attention to detail and highest standards to the New Henbury School”, Chris Giannikouris, Head of Construction, said today.  “We are also proud to share our success with our extended teams of designers and subcontractors, true to our philosophy of utilizing local workers and businesses throughout our projects. Every dollar spent locally stays local.”

Halikos Construction is devoted to working, complying and maturing its systems of work in order to better the service for all clients. We are dedicated to Safety, Environment and Quality Management systems and compliance. Not only do we comply with, we exceed the Federal Safety Commission’s standards of safety and environmental management. We intend to continue our sound safety record on the New Henbury School and all future projects we undertake

The New Henbury School is the first major public infrastructure project in Darwin that encompasses the new Northern Territory Government Indigenous Employment in Construction Policy. The Halikos Group looks forward to proactively supporting this initiative towards enhancing the development of a strong local construction industry workforce. We will be incorporating these new provisions throughout this project.

The Halikos Group takes this opportunity to congratulate and thank our hardworking staff for this solid acknowledgement of our dynamic and professional company ethos. Together, we build excellence.