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Proposed Offshore Development

The Halikos Group is looking at the feasibility of an island residential concept off Nightcliff.

As part of our planning, we are doing geotechnical investigations. This involves using two barges to gather core samples of the rock and soil under the sea bed that will determine the suitability of the geotechnical conditions for the concept. Residents will see two 12-metre barges, one carrying a drilling rig and the other a support vessel. They will operate for 24 hours sometime between Saturday, 25 January and Thursday, 30 January, weather permitting.

The drill rig will operate between 200 and 1000 metres offshore from Progress Drive, Nightcliff to collect about 12 geotechnical test cores. This is a relatively small scale operation that should not cause any disturbance to residents, but we ask that boating traffic keep a safe distance from the barges. This preliminary work will determine a) whether the project will proceed and b) the shape of the proposed development.

Should Halikos decide to proceed with the project, we will provide extensive information on the project and seek public and stakeholder feedback. In relation to commentary about public consultation, we agree that consultation is important. The issue is the timing and level of consultation at this very preliminary stage. Anyone who would like to be kept informed is welcome to send us their details and we will ensure we get back to them once we start the consultation process.

Should the Halikos Group proceed with the project, we will lodge a Notice of Intent with the Northern Territory Government, complete a detailed environmental study and lodge a development application with the Northern Territory Government.

As a long-term resident of Darwin, I understand why local residents want more information on the project and I can assure you that we will provide it once we have greater certainty. Anyone wanting to be kept informed can send their details to us at admin@halikos.com.au or call 0427 918 388

Shane Dignan

Managing Director