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Halikos Roofing was the original business venture from which Halikos Group was formed. Founded in 1987, the company was established as a roofing contractor to meet the growing needs of a rapidly developing Darwin. The expansion of defence establishments in the Northern Territory at the time resulted in a growth in commercial contracting and manufacturing requirements. In order to meet this growing demand, Halikos Roofing integrated a manufacturing business to support their roofing operations. Today, Halikos roofing continues to work in close partnership with its sister company, Steeline GRP, in order to supply the industry with locally-made quality roofing and cladding products to suit Territory conditions.

Our core business is metal roofing and cladding and we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and industry knowledge which allows us to undertake the most demanding and often unique, requirements of modern architecture design concepts. As a licensed builder, we are also able to offer support trades for special projects where required. This has proven very valuable for clients, particularly on remote projects where stud framing, CFC cladding and soffits can be integrated with our main roofing and cladding works.

We have extensive and diverse project experience, primarily working on large commercial and industrial projects for private companies and developers, as well as major state and federal government developments. We also work extensively in the mining and gas industries on both new projects and providing maintenance work.

Our experienced and dedicated team of specialists are committed to delivering the highest quality roofing and cladding products and services and we pride ourselves on ensuring that projects are finished on time and on budget.