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Halikos Group Media Statement 28th February, 2014

Geotechnical drilling will commence between Saturday 1st March and Wednesday 5th March, 2014. Our contractors will be drilling 200 to 1000 metres offshore from Nightcliff. Once we have initial results from this drilling – which means taking samples from the seabed – we will make a decision about whether we want to proceed with the project and whether our initial concept plans need amending.

Should the project proceed, we will make our draft concepts available to the public and start a comprehensive communication and community consultation process.

As we have said previously, we understand the importance of listening to the community and good community engagement, the issue is about timing.

At this stage, we have applied for a Crown Lease from the Northern Territory Government that covers only technical, environmental and financial investigations and feasibility studies for the project.

Once we have decided whether to proceed, we would lodge a Notice of Intent that triggers an environmental impact study and development application.

Anyone who would like to register their interest in being kept informed should contact us at admin@halikos.com.au or mobile 0427 918 388

Shane Dignan

Managing Director, Halikos Group