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Mechanical Works Process Trains and Inlet Facilities

Builder : UGL/Kentz JV

Year: 2106/2017

Roofing and Cladding for Train 1 and 2 was a labour only contract, with all material procured by the client. The logistics and installation methodology was extremely difficult during the install process, as so many interfacing trades had to be considered. Pre-fabricated modules arriving from overseas, at pre-determined dates meant there was no room to carry out any cladding work after the modules were installed.

Halikos Roofing even started night Shift works to give other trades access to the same work areas during the day, and to keep to the constantly changing programme to accommodate all involved in the contract.

Installation of the roofs was conventional, with safety mesh and edge protection being installed by Halikos first, then roofing iron loaded and installed as normal.

Wall Cladding was done with each sheet being lifted into place with a crane and then workers to access the sheet from EWP to secure to the wall. This created many interfacing issues however was overcome with daily meetings to determine the next day’s work fronts with all other trades involved

Safety, for everyone associated on the project, from the client to the builder and ultimately the LTSC,  was the number 1  priority. With daily supervisor meetings held with the builder, internal daily Tool Box talks, and our workers commitment towards safety we overcame any issues that presented. The entire job was completed without incident and to a high standard that is expected of Halikos Roofing.