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Palmerston Regional Hospital

Builder : Lend Lease

Year: 2017

The Palmerston Hospital was broken down into 2 separate contracts, Roofing and Cladding. Halikos Roofing was successful in securing both Roofing and Cladding contracts.


The roofing contract involved the installation of  over 16,000M2 of Steeline GRP New Steel Rib 675 Profile. Being a hospital, airconditioned 24 hrs a day, the emphasis on insulating and Vapor Barriers was extremely important to ensure the whole roofing system provided efficiencies.

Part of the roofing scope was to install Bradford Xtroliner PIR insulated board to the entire concrete roof slabs, fully taped and sealed to create a full vapor barrier at the slab level, then a secondary vapor barrier directly under the roof sheeting.

All Gutters, Rainheads and Downpipes are Fully welded 316G 2B finish Stainless Steel with some sections of roofing also clad with Ply backing for Debri protection.

Wall Cladding

The Wall Cladding Package is extremely involved, with over 14,000 M2  multiple Metal cladding and different products. Metal Cladding consisted of Steeline GRP SteelRib 675, Steeline GRP Corrugated and Steeline GRP Steel Span 700. Other products which form part of the Wall XCladding package are Vitracore G2 Aluminimu cladding, CSR Express Wall Cladding and SupaWood.

The metal cladding has multiple changes, from Vertical, to horizontal back to vertical on the same elevations, which involved multiple flashing types to be fabricated and installed to enable this to happen. Interfacing with the other cladding materials also involves purpose made flashings to bring everything together in a seamless transition from 1 product type to another and the end results are a credit to the tradesman that performed the work.

The Vapor Barrier and insulation system for the walls is the same as the roofing vapor barriers, and included Bradford Xtroliner PIR insulasted board, fully taped with a secondary vapor barrier over this as well.

Halikos Roofing have performed in a very professional manner, which will reflect on the end result of the overall appearance of the Palmerston Hospital.